This exhibit was egg-cellent!


I went to this exhibit called Egg House, awhile back but I never had a platform to really share all my pictures in!

I hope you’ll forgive me for not posting in time events… I may be doing this quite often…! (Do people do this? Is that even allowed?)


These pictures were taken back in May of this year.

Recently, New York has been pooping out weird exhibits after weird exhibits to compete with who can be the most Instagram-able.

It’s hard to keep up with them all unless you’re consistently seeking them out. But in the off-chance that you do discover one, it’s pretty worth it!


Austin and I with out egg child haha!

The giant egg carton was definitely my favorite set there! There was a huge ball pit but most people were lining up to get their shot, so we opted out.

IMG_8245 (2)IMG_8267















I hope you enjoyed some of these pictures even though they’re oldies!

I’m gonna try to go to more of these exhibits in the future :^)

Jesse ♥


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