What’s in my bag?


I usually carry a small backpack so there actually isn’t much!

✿ Keys

With a decorative bottle opener shaped as a key, Ichimatsu Acrylic Charm, Baymax keychain, key-ring cards for: Planet Fitness, CVS, Walgreens, & Regal Crown.

✿ Inhaler

✿ Lipsticks

Two matte liquid lipsticks from ColourPop (Notion & Saigon), and NARS’s semi-matte lipstick in Red Lizard.

✿ Forever ALOE LIPS with Jojoba Chapstick

Honestly, the best chapstick I’ve ever owned. It feels instantly moisturizing on my lips and with the cold weather hitting NY like a bus, this will be useful!!

✿ Maybelline Compact mirror

✿ Nature Republic Hand lotion (Moringa)

Another MUST HAVE to brave the harsh winter of NY… It smells cotton-y and kind of like laundry. Nature Republic usually hands these out for free depending on how much you spend!

✿ Pens

✿ Headphones

✿ RE-NU Eye drops

✿ Reusable bag

Been trying really hard to use this whenever I can. It feels really good knowing no plastic bag was used after a purchase! When will New York get it’s plastic bag ban!!

I don’t normally carry my wallet around just because it’s pretty chunky and I don’t usually carry cash with me.

Maybe I’ll do a “what’s in my luggage” post in the future! But I don’t have any plans to travel any time soon so that post may come way in the future.

Jesse ♥

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