One of my all-time favorite comedians!


Austin and I decided to participate in the New York Comedy Festival this year, but ONLY for our boy, Jamali Maddix!


He’s a comedian; he’s a journalist; he’s a overall just a super great guy! You may be familiar with his beautiful face from the VICELAND show, Hate Thy Neighbor.

This show is absolutely great if you’re into debates and are genuinely interested in social or political topics. He basically travels the world to talk to people from two very opposite sides of a certain spectrum, but he focuses on the more negatively perceived end. So he’ll follow alt-right groups, racists, anti-feminists, etc. etc. etc.

We’re all pretty familiar with the other end of the spectrum (I hope), and the idea of this show is to really show everyone why the “negative” side came to their opinions or decisions. This show is in no way supporting those groups, but to educate us to listen to all opinions (right or wrong).


He’s been touring around the world and he finally made his way to NYC! There’s no way I can describe his shows to do him justice… Just believe me when I say that Austin and I just laughed our butts off the whole time!

We wished we sat closer to the front so he’d roast us LOL!



He’s honestly such a sweet guy and he’s so incredibly open minded! Austin kept nudging me to take a picture with him, but I HAVE SOCIAL ANXIETY AND WAS AFRAID HE’D SAY NO… But Jamali was like “Nah, man! I’m on tour so I can do this like this!”

He’s an angel 🙏

IMG_9139 (1)

By the time the show ended it was around 9PM, and we were getting pretty hungry from all the drinking we’ve been doing. So, we had dinner at Morgan’S BBQ!

We got the fatty Brisket, pulled pork, Jamaican jerk mac n’ cheese, mashed potatoes, corn bread, and collared greens!

It was all suuuper yummy! Each table had two bottles of BBQ sauce that I believe is made in house; one spicy and the other sweet.

Yesterday was honestly one of the greatest nights we’ve had this year!

If Jamali Maddix ever does shows in NYC in the future, we’re gonna make sure we go to every single one of them.

Jesse ♥

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